Wonderlic Sample Questions with Answers

The 10 Wonderlic Sample questions in this post are on the same level as the questions you can find when taking the full Wonderlic test.

When solving you can use pen and paper, and if you want to challenge yourself set a timer for 2.5 minutes to solve all the questions – solving each question in 15 seconds on average.

1. What number should come next in the row below?

1,     3,     9,     27,     ?

The next number is “81”. 

Full Explanation:

Each number in this geometric sequence is being multiplied by 3, which is the Common Ratio.

To calculate the Common Ratio you need to take the second term (3) and divided it by the first term (1):

3/1 = 3

You can also validate it by taking the third term (9) and divide it by the second term (3):

9/3 = 3

Once we’ve found the Common Ratio we need to take the last number in this geometric sequence (27) and multiple it by the common ratio (3):

27×3= 81 which is the next number.

2. Assume the first two statements are true. Tony is a white horse. All black horses wear white shoes. Is the final one: Tony wear black shoes.

1. True, 2. False, 3. Not Certain

The answer is “Not Certain”. 

Full Explanation:

We can learn from the first sentence that Tony is a white horse. While the second sentence provides us with information on black horses.

Since we don’t have any information given on what white horses, like Tony, wear – we can’t know for certain what shoes, if any, Tony wear.

3. Which of the dates below is the latest?

A) Jan 12, 1989    B)  Jun 12, 1989   C) Jan 31, 1899   D)  Jan 7, 1991  E)  Jun 6, 1991  

The answer is “E) Jun 6, 1991 

Full Explanation:

This question is easy – but it’s all about finding the solution as fast as possible.

For quick identification, it is recommended to scan the YEAR first – in this question, ‘1991’ is the latest year, which leaves us with 2 options:

  • D)  Jan 7, 1991
  • E)  Jun 6, 1991 

The next step is to look at the MONTH – and as Jun is the latest among the two options above – we don’t even need to look at the day.

4. The 13:00 bus takes 3 hours and 20 minutes to get to NYC. Today the bus will be 25 minutes late. What time will it get to NYC?

A) 16:25 B) 16:20 C)16:35 D) 16:45

The answer is: D) 16:45

Full Explanation:

The current time = 13:00 

The journey time = 03:20

The delay time  = 00:25

It’s easiest to first sum the hours (13+3=16) and then the minutes (20+25=45

This brings us to 16:45

Emily Murphy

Emily Murphy

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